13 Indications That Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen


4. Your Period Is Irregular

There are tons of reasons your duration might show up early or late. High estrogen is just one, however, it is a possible offender, so it’s excellent to learn about if you’re fretted about your hormone levels. Your period is orchestrated thoroughly and gloriously by the complex dance of multiple hormones. So if one hormone rises, the entire operation can be thrown away of whack.

5. You Period Is Heavier Than Usual

Likewise excellent to understand is that high estrogen levels can cause your duration to be heavier. That’s since this hormone is accountable for thickening the lining of your uterus– so if you have more of it, your lining will be more, um, numerous.

6. You Have Mood Swings

Estrogen does not just impact your period– it is also very important for your feelings and frame of mind. To show this point, consider the month-to-month state of mind rollercoaster that is your menstruation. All those changes and swings are because of what your hormone levels are doing.

If you have high levels of estrogen, your state of mind is most likely to tend towards stress and anxiety, panic attacks, and anxiety. One physician specifically calls the sensation great deals of people with high estrogen get “agitated anxiety,” since individuals with raised estrogen often experience a mix of stress and anxiety and depression at the same time.