13 Indications That Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen


7. Your Sex Drive Is Lower Than Usual

You may have heard that your sex drive can decrease when your estrogen is lower, like when you begin going through menopause. Nevertheless, lots of people with high levels of estrogen likewise observe that their libido is reduced. There still isn’t much research on the subject, unfortunately.

8. You’re Getting Headaches

Did you know that human beings with female reproductive systems are more likely to get headaches and migraines? The hormone levels in our systems are a huge factor in headaches. Changes in estrogen levels (like what occurs to you monthly as your body goes through ovulation to menstruation) are one reason that you could be getting headaches. Also, it turns out that basically everyone gets a headache when they have more estrogen than progesterone in their systems.

9. Your Hair Is Falling Out

If you have too much estrogen, your hair can start to thin. Specifically, if you have estrogen supremacy and as a result, your progesterone is lower than it needs to be, you can wind up shedding more hair than usual. With time, this can result in loss of hair.

10. Your Hands And Feet Are Always Cold

The factors for this aren’t very well described, however many people with high estrogen levels also have poor flow and as a result get cold hands and feet. We do understand that estrogen has something to do with flow, however more research requires to be carried out in this location as well.