13 Indications That Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen


11. Your Memory Isn’t Great

Low estrogen has been related to Alzheimer’s and other amnesia. Nevertheless, physicians have actually discovered that if you have high estrogen, you’re also most likely to have trouble keeping in mind things. More research has to be done to describe why this is taking place. (You observing a pattern yet?).

12. It’s Hard For You To Sleep

Estrogen is an interesting hormonal agent– it gets your body hyped. If you have a great deal of it, it’s going to be difficult to sleep. Progesterone, on the other hand, is the hormone that helps you relax. So if you notice that you’re having a tough time unwinding, estrogen supremacy could be the offender.

13. You’re Exhausted

This stems directly from the item above. If you’re not sleeping, it would make good sense that you’re going to feel more tired than you usually do. Lots of things make us tired, especially in this face-paced world we’re living in, so exhaustion could be because of a long list of things. However if you’re noticing that you’re tired more often than normal AND you have a few of the other symptoms on this list, that might suggest that you have high estrogen.