15 Surprising Reasons Your Partner Doesn’t Want Sex


If your spouse is rarely in the mood for sex, there may be something more going on than you’d anticipate. Here are some possible mood-killing culprits.

1 Financial concerns

Considering that money troubles are a leading cause of a separation, it’s not a surprise that monetary concerns can trigger rifts in even the most harmonious couples. “The results of unaddressed financial stress factors in a relationship can trigger unfavorable feelings towards your partner, worry and stress and anxiety, damaged trust, anxiety signs and a lack of libido  “Integrating finances, creating a budget, and agreeing as a couple on financial objectives will increase the sense of closeness, trust, and security within the relationship.”

2 A lot of interruptions

These days, it’s difficult to sit on the couch and enjoy a TELEVISION program with your partner or go out to dinner at a restaurant  without taking a look at your phone every 5 minutes. And this can seriously drive a wedge in between couples romantically. If your response is your phone or tablet and not your partner, it’s time to make some modifications .

3 Stress in the relationship.

Wherever the conflict is originating from, be it him disregarding to pick up his socks off the floorin or her forgetting to fish out her hair from the shower drain, if not effectively resolved it can trigger a rift between couples. “Any sort of tension that builds up and smolders is the death of sex . You have to resolve the animosities, deal with the disputes, say sorry genuinely, and learn to interact more effectively.” It’s having these difficult discussions, she adds, that have the most potential to sustain your sex life– have a look at these other proven approaches for a more intimate relationship.