15 Surprising Reasons Your Partner Doesn’t Want Sex


7 Medications

Many medications can cause low libido or have side effects like vaginal dryness. Antihistamines can dry up all your membranes, from your nose to your vaginal area . You may be feeling thinking about sex, but require to get some lube to ensure it is comfortable.” Constantly sign in with your doctor about adverse effects before starting a medication and take some time to figure out any necessary workarounds, whether it’s a lubricant, extra time in foreplay, or sex previous to taking your meds for the day.

8 Birth trauma

No female who carried a baby for nine months and after that went through childbirth wants to hear it: Men can experience post-traumatic stress-like signs after experiencing the birth of a child. This can leave a man unable to engage sexually with his partner. “He or she might not be able to take a look at the vaginal area in the same way he did before seeing the birth procedure. For the lady, her vaginal area may have suffered a laceration or tear, so she may be experiencing discomfort throughout sexual intercourse. She may also be traumatized by the birth experience. She may likewise have postpartum anxiety or be preoccupied with the with the baby’s wellbeing.

9 Religious or personal beliefs

some might not be consciously familiar with why they do not want sex, they might bring found out messages from youth that can penetrate deeply and show up in a lack of desire or perhaps an aversion to sex. Taking in-depth sexual histories and finding out about a person’s family of origin can assist to unload these beliefs and messages and bring them into the light. A person may then be freer to explore their sexuality and can start to develop a new narrative around sex and what it means to be a sexual being.