15 Surprising Reasons Your Partner Doesn’t Want Sex


10 Erectile dysfunction

Male would rather avoid a sexual encounter because of what they see as their ‘non-working penis,’ than be humiliated with a lady– even a significant other. It might just be performance stress and anxiety since of the one time they were unable to get or to keep an erection. For concerns such as this, she suggests males first be examined by a physician, specifically if they’re all of a sudden not able to get an erection, as it may be the outcome of a genitourinary issue or a cardiovascular issue. Sex treatment can also assist couples to broaden their definition of sex past the act of penetration. After attending to underlying problems, medication can work well for erectile dysfunction.

11 The sex is not to their liking

Often individuals realize that they may not be turned on by ‘vanilla sex,’ but rather that they are kinky in their sexual preferences,”. This can provide issues if their partner is not interested. If the kinky individual requires to have that in their life and can not meet their requirements with porn alone, a discussion about the possibility of finding it outside the main relationship might be essential. Have an open discussion about each others likes and dislikes.

12 Sex addiction.

If your partner is engaging in secret sexual habits or has actually betrayed the relationship several times, this could be an indication of sex addiction, which is an intimacy disorder that must be dealt with by a licensed sex addiction therapist. The person battling with sex addiction might be engaging in sex with other individuals, consumed with porn, masturbating too often or avoiding sex with their partner due to embarassment and guilt related to the out-of-control sexual behaviors.The partner of a sex addict is typically distressed by the discovery of their partner’s secret life and the broken trust and sexual betrayal can be the reason for their loss of desire for sex. Successful treatment for both the addict and the partner is offered and the couple can have sobriety and a healthy sex life together through therapy.