10 signs that you’re no longer in love


You’ve been in a relationship for a while, you get along well and have a good time together but the flame is no longer there and you start to wonder if your love is running out of steam. Ten signs that prove you’re no longer in love.

1 Your partner annoys you

Before, there were things that you didn’t care about before or that even amused you … but that was before because now you can’t stand them. This little noise that he or she makes while eating, this joke that he or she always tells, his way of hanging the showerhead… No matter, everything he or she does, annoys you to the point!

Whenever you frown when you see his facial expressions and ways of doing things ask yourself if it is really important, and how much this unpleasant act “affects your life. If the moments where he or she annoys you multiply, no doubt, it’s a sign!

2 Your partner is no longer a priority

 Are you bored with spending time with your partner? If, each time, you think you have better things to do than sharing time with him or her, this is a bad sign. It is not a question of spending 24 hours a day glued to each other but you realize that when you were in love, your other half always came before the rest. and now If you prefer to spend more time at work rather than going home, it means that love is running out.