10 signs that you are facing a serial infidel


You are in the “getting to know each other” period, it cannot be said that you are already a couple, so you have no account to surrender to each other. And yet, small things make you think that this person you like so much could be someone unfaithful when he is in a relationship. Fortunately, there are signs that there is a good chance that he will betray you. So prevention is better than cure!

1 His attitude towards infidelity

When the theme arises during a conversation, his opinion on infidelity tends to be unclear and even lax. As for the infidelity of his friends, he speaks of it with great coldness. it looks like he is taking this lightly, and while you ask him about his behavior, your partner muddles the waters and does not take you seriously at all. In any case, you have never seen him take a position or condemn this kind of behavior.

2 He does too much

The day you met, he was already telling you that you were made for each other. Despite the short time spent together. his completely devoted and passionate behavior seems suspect to you .. although very pleasant.

You can deduce from this that if he reveals himself so easily and without any suspicion to someone he barely knows, that is, he places absolutely no importance on gestures of affection and little attention. Or he falls in love too easily (often?).